Video Shows NYPD Officer Striking Man in Head with Walkie Talkie

Last week the Firm filed a federal complaint on behalf of client Christopher Torres for the injuries he sustained when a Brooklyn NYPD officer struck him in the head with a walkie talkie in the midst of an unlawful stop.  Torres v. City of New York, et al., 14 CV 6490 (RRM) (RLM).

Through a Freedom of Information request, the Firm obtained this video footage, which shows an NYPD officer pointing his gun in Christopher's face and then, as Christopher stumbled backward, striking Christopher in the head with a walkie talkie.  Christopher was unarmed during the encounter. The officers refused to call an ambulance to the scene, even though Christopher was bleeding from his head.  

Speaking of the case, HWF partner Gabriel Harvis said: "Mr. Torres should never have been stopped, let alone bashed in the head with a police radio.  This officer violated NYPD policy and the constitution.  We intend to hold him accountable."

Read the complaint in Torres v. City below.