A chance to make things right in Truvia v. Connick

In 2011, the Supreme Court overturned a jury's $14 million award to John Thompson, who had spent 18 years in prison - 14 of them on death row - for a murder he did not commit.  The prosecutors in his case, led by long serving former New Orleans District Attorney Harry Connick (father of singer Harry Connick, Jr.) withheld critical evidence from Mr. Connick during and after the prosecution.   

Mr. Connick never trained his staff in the disclosure requirements under Brady, and was even himself indicted for suppression of evidence.  Writing for the majority, Justice Thomas said that because the claim was based on a single Brady violation, Mr. Thompson could not prove a policy of misconduct as required by Monell.

This term, the Supreme Court is being petitioned to hear the Fifth Circuit appeal of Earl Truvia and Gregory Wright, men who spent over 25 years in prison based on prosecutorial misconduct in the same Connick office.   As The New York Times explained in its editorial, the Supreme Court now has opportunity to accept this case and right that was wrong of its prior decision.  

You can read the petition here.  Note that counsel for Petitioner includes eminent constitutional scholar Erwin Chemerinksy.