Discovery Reopened in Firm's Cordero NYPD Perjury Litigation

As previously covered on the H&F Blog, last month the Hon. Jack B. Weinstein, United States District Judge for the Eastern District of New York, issued a historic decision sustaining H&F client Hector Cordero's Monell allegations of widespread police officer perjury and overtime abuses.

Following the Court's decision, H&F filed a letter motion asking the presiding United States Magistrate Judge, the Hon. Cheryl L. Pollak, to reopen discovery to allow plaintiff to obtain additional evidence for presentation at trial.

In a 14-page decision, plaintiff's application was granted in part, and defendants were ordered to produce, by December 8, 2017:  

  • All underlying documents related to the arresting officer's overtime abuse cases, including GO-15 audio recordings and transcripts, charging documents, pleadings and agreements.
  • All notes regarding monitoring of the arresting officer between the first complaint about overtime abuse in 2008 and his suspension in 2010. 
  • Documentation of all overtime requests and corresponding payroll records for the arresting officer and his supervisor since 2007.  

Mr. Cordero was also granted leave to submit a further request for Monell discovery by November 27, 2017.

According to H&F Partner Gabriel P. Harvis: "We believe the Court's thoughtful decision strikes the right balance, and hope to use the additional discovery to prove our case at trial."