Harvis & Fett Files Amicus Brief in Second Circuit expungement case U.S. v. Doe

On behalf of The Association of the Bar of the City of New York, Harvis & Fett filed a brief today urging the Second Circuit to affirm Judge Gleeson's courageous ruling granting relief to the petitioner in United States v. Doe, ---F.Supp.3d---, 2015 WL 2452613 (E.D.N.Y. May 21, 2015). In that case, petitioner played a relatively minor (and potentially unknowing) role in a no-fault scheme common in Brooklyn. Following her conviction, Ms. Doe has been unable to obtain gainful employment despite diligent efforts.

The District Court ordered that the government’s records of petitioner’s arrest and conviction, and any other documents related to the case, be placed in a separate storage facility and that any electronic copies of these records be deleted from the government’s databases, electronic filing systems, and public record. Further, the court ordered that petitioner’s real name be removed from any index or public record, and that the records not be opened, except in connection with a bona fide criminal investigation by law enforcement authorities. Read the complete brief below.