H&F Announces $614,500 Settlement in Jateik Reed Case

On January 26, 2012, 19-year-old Jateik Reed was brutally beaten and arrested on a Bronx sidewalk by NYPD officers from the 42nd Precinct. The beating and arrest came after police illegally stopped and frisked Reed and two of his friends. When one friend recorded the beating with his cellphone, police pepper sprayed him. The footage went viral. 

Police lied under oath and charged Reed with drug possession, assaulting police, and resisting arrest, among other things. Also on January 26, 2012, when Jateik’s mother Schuan Reed, his two younger brothers, age 16 and 4, and a friend went to the 42ndPrecinct to inquire about Jateik and hishealth, NYPD officers arrested them all. Although the arrests occurred outside the 42nd Precinct, Schuan, her 16-year-old son, and one of Jateiks’ friends were prosecuted for disorderly conduct, trespassing inside the precinct, along with resisting arrest, and other charges based on their allegedly refusing to leave the precinct and struggling with police. The Bronx District Attorney’s Office dropped all charges against Jateik Reed in March of 2012. Schuan Reed returned to court to face prosecution beginning in 2012 throughmid-2015 before the charges against her were finally dropped. 

Jateik, Schuan, Schuan’s other two sons, and two friends (one who was pepper sprayed videotaping the beating and one who was arrested at the precinct) sued the City in 2013 and recently settled the case.