How to report police misconduct by the NYPD to CCRB and Internal Affairs - An Introduction to Civilian Complaints

Does the Complaint involve Excessive Force, Abuse of Authority, Discourtesy or Offensive Language?

Substantiation Rate 2010 - 2015

Source: CCRB Semi-Annual Report June 2015

If so, you should contact the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB). The CCRB is an independent City agency that has jurisdiction over these complaints. Call 311,  call (800) 341-2272 or file a complaint online.  

CCRB Jurisdiction

  1. Excessive Force

  2. Abuse of Authority

  3. Discourtesy

  4. Offensive Language

We have found the CCRB to be increasingly willing to substantiate meritorious allegations.

However, there are risks associated with making a complaint to CCRB. In you are contemplating bringing a lawsuit about the incident, you should definitely speak to an attorney first. You can contact us any time with questions.

NOTE: Calls to CCRB are recorded and preserved.

Types of Allegations 2010-2015

Source: June 2015 Semi-Annual Report

Does the Complaint involve corruption or official misconduct, such as stealing, bribe-receiving or "moonlighting"?

If so, the complaint should be referred to the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau at (212) 741-8401.

NOTE: Assume every communication with Internal Affairs will be recorded and used against you to the extent possible.

Before calling IAB, we strongly encourage you to contact a civil rights lawyer to see if you have a claim. You should not contact Internal Affairs if you intend to pursue litigation. 

Does the complaint involve recurrent discriminatory practices at the precinct level?

If so, the complaint should be referred to the State Attorney General, Civil Rights Bureau at (212) 416-8000 or by writing to:

New York State Attorney General
Civil Rights Bureau
120 Broadway, 25th floor
New York NY 10271

IMPORTANT: If you are a criminal defendant, or if you, a friend or a relative has been seriously injured by the police, you should consult an attorney before making a complaint to any government agency. Your statement to the government agency may be used against you in your criminal case, or may hurt your chances of winning a civil case. We strongly advise against initiating a civilian complaint on your own while a criminal or civil action is pending. The officer you are complaining about will be shown your C.C.R.B. complaint against him before your case is presented in court.

Both the CCRB and IAB will accept a complaint that is filed by your lawyer, and postpone taking your statement until your case is over.

Questions? Contact us. We can help.