New York Times Joins H&F to Seek Transparency in Cordero

In Cordero v. City of New York, the firm is challenging the NYPD's perjury and overtime policies. Phase I of the two-part trial will take place at the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse on February 20, 2018. 

Discovery for the policy phase of the trial (Phase II) was reopened in December, and defendants were ordered to produce certain documents regarding overtime and false statement cases during the period 2012-2014.

Defendants designated the entire production "confidential," meaning it cannot be shared with anyone.

Last week, the firm filed a letter asking the Court to remove the confidentiality designations.

We argued that the City of New York did not have "good cause," or a good enough reason to keep the documents confidential, since they were already redacted, were from several years ago and the public interest in the material was compelling.

Today, the Deputy General Counsel to the New York Times Company filed a letter motion supporting our application


We continue to take pride in our representation of Mr. Cordero and look forward to presenting his case at trial.