Our civil rights practice is second to none.




Putting your life together after a wrongful conviction is no easy task. For the exonerees we represent, like Derrick Hamilton and Joseph Jackson, we serve as trusted advisors and aggressive advocates. Our full service model has allowed us to build a pre-eminent post-conviction practice.


Police Misconduct

Between us, we've handled over 500 federal cases involving civil rights violations by the NYPD and its police officers, including many high profile cases with extensive media coverage.  We are leaders in the field. 

Prisoners' Rights

We have wide-ranging experience in cases involving prisoners abused or neglected by jail employees. We have achieved significant settlements, including, among others, $425,000 for failure to enter a separation order, $245,000 for an inmate who suffered a jaw fracture and $150,000 for an inmate burned on a work detail


First Amendment

We have an active and well regarded First Amendment practice, representing plaintiffs in free speech and retaliation cases, including David Bell. Presently, we represent several individuals arrested for recording the activities of NYPD officers.

Children's Rights

We routinely bring cases on behalf of children whose rights have been violated by government officials, including the Department of Education and NYPD.  It is a particularly rewarding part of what we do here.