We're the best at what we do.  Just ask our clients.


"When the cops who hurt me wouldn't settle, the Firm kept fighting until I got a judgment against them.  I can't believe how hard the Firm's lawyers worked.  They are simply unstoppable." 

"The City's lawyers tried every trick in the book, but the Firm knew just what to do.  I ended up with a great settlement." 

"The Firm explained the entire process to me in detail -- what would happen, how long it would take, and even what the other side would say.  They got it right every time." 

"I cannot thank you enough.  Not only for the money, but for finally being able to let go of that unjust feeling I've been holding on to for so long.  Your hard work is really appreciated!" 


From the First and Fourth Amendments to the Fourteenth and beyond, we've got the Constitution on lockdown.

Choose your civil rights lawyer wisely.  


Unique Experience

Unlike other firms, H&F's partners spent years defending the NYPD in the federal courts.  We know how they think and how to stay one step ahead.

Small Firm Energy

We choose our clients carefully and we treat them well.  We're with you from the first meeting to the last handshake (or hug).  We care, and that will be obvious.

Top Results

We win trials and get big settlements for our clients.  When our wins are appealed, we win the appeals too.                                                              

Big Firm Resources

Civil rights cases can be expensive, especially the way we litigate them.  We have the resources to give every case we take the attention it deserves.